Your spiritual respite.

Your wellbeing and your spirituality is the priority. Beautifully crafted hand-made candles for your spiritual journey. Crystals to help you change your life. Incense for the pure vibes.

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Son of Saturn

You're like us. A spiritual person always learning. You walk the spiritual path in this lifetime seeking answers.

You're human. You love to relax and unwind. You crave safety, comfort and security.

With Son of Saturn, we offer you a place to feel safe. When you come to Son of Saturn, your wellbeing is at the forefront of what we do.

Our candles aren't just candles. They're hand made with good vibrations, made with love, and crafted with care and attention.

Our candles are spiritual, just like you.

They're made for your spiritual journey, whether that be your yoga practice, your meditation sessions, or simply just to relax.

And if hand crafted, richly scented candles aren't your thing, don't fret.

Those crystals you're looking for are right here, along with stylish accessories, divination tools, reading materials and incense.

We're here to look after you.