Creating your Reading Corner

Creating your Reading Corner

There is nothing better than having the evening to yourself, cuddling up under a blanket, finding a peaceful, quiet spot, and getting lost in your favourite book. Your reading corner is your sacred space, so how do you decorate it to reflect that? 

You want your reading corner to reflect you. It needs to be a space that feels comfortable. Somewhere relaxing, where you can forget the outside world and embrace imagination. You need a cosy slice of idyllic heaven that transports you to another place, whether you are reading fiction or non-fiction. 

So, where do you start? How do you decorate and go about creating your reading corner? 

Well, here at Son of Saturn, we have you covered! 

Cosy colours

Your room should be decorated in very warm, inviting colours. Unless your style is aesthetically dark and gothic, in which case you can create the perfect reading corner to reflect that too. Ultimately, what we're trying to say, is this reading corner needs to be inviting to you. It needs to reflect who you are, your own style, and even maybe reflect your favourite genre of book. Consider warm, earthy tones, such as beige or orange. Maybe you want neutral white walls, but offset them with the cosy tones in the rugs you lay at your feet, or the blanket you will wrap around yourself on those cosy nights. 

A flickering, cosy candle 

Candles make everything better. They are the perfect home decor accessory, and they can fit in anywhere. They take up minimal room, and they come in a range of scents. A candle nearby flickering as your read creates that relaxing, almost mindful vibe that you want to achieve with your reading corner. Why not go that extra step by getting a candle that smells like the pages of a book, or even an old bookshop


Plants are perfect. Plants are great. You can't go wrong with a plant. Well, unless you forget to water it. Adding plants to your room not only help cleanse the room and increase oxygen, but they also make the place feel calm and collected, and help ground you to nature, reducing stress levels. Add some plants to bring the reading room to life!

Pillows and blankets

You need to have something cosy to sit on, and you need to have something to keep you warm, especially during the autumnal and winter months of reading your classic crime or your cosy romance. Get something comfortable and soft!

A table and chair

You need somewhere to sit when you're reading, so make sure you have a comfortable chair in place. If you're lucky and have a large window, you could create and/or decorate your bay seat. But don't worry if not. Just get an armchair, or a soft chair, and kit it out with the blankets and pillows you chose from above! 


Um...hello? It's your reading room! You're going to be piling that bookshelf with all the books you've read, and all the books you are yet to read. Maybe get a big book shelf. Any book reader knows their to-be-read pile is higher than their read books pile! 

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