The Candles you bought are wrong. Here's why.

The Candles you bought are wrong. Here's why.

You've just been to the supermarket and bought a candle from their shelf. £2 for a huge jar? Bargain! 

It's scented with a beautiful floral scent that you can't wait to smell throughout your home. This will be the highlight of your week!

And's not. 

You light the candle, and you let it burn, and you leave it burning for four hours like you're meant to. 

And yet, you don't have an even melt pool. 

You don't have the scent through your house. 

Instead, you have a flame leaving black soot and leaving lots of untouched wax as it sinks through a tunnel to the bottom. 

And that's a huge waste of wax. 

You deserve a candle that is an experience. One that burns evenly, and one that leaves the delicious aroma floating around your home like a butterfly. 

So, why are the big brand candles you're buying from the supermarket wrong? 

They're not made properly 

Most mass-produced candles aren't made properly. That's because they're made in such huge qualities, and made in factories. They're so quickly done, that care and precision has not been put into the process. 

Great for the brand you bought from! Not great for you. 

It's always better when your candle has been made with care and attention to detail. Here at Son of Saturn, our candles are made just like that. Each one is made by hand. They're made after we have spent hours upon hours of perfectly testing the fragrance percentage. 

Our testing process makes sure that you get a candle that burns perfectly, and has a strong scent as it tantalisingly burns. 

They have the wrong wick

That testing process we do? Well, we do it because a lot of the time we're making sure each one of our candles has the right wick.

You see, you can't just put any wick in and the candle is made. 

I mean, you can, but you won't get a great candle. 

A lot of store-bought candles will be made with the wrong wick. Either the wick is too high, meaning your flame is too strong and will leave black soot, or your wick is too small. 

While size doesn't matter in normal cases - boys, you get me - it really does matter with your candle wick! 

A too small wick for the jar your candle is in will mean the candle only burns to a small melt pool. This results in what is known as tunnelling. 

The candle has no scent

Your candle smelled gorgeous on the shelf. But you burn it and then nothing. 

This is usually the case with mass produced candles. And it all goes back to the factory processing. 

Any good candle maker will have crafted their candle to perfection, ensuring the scent has a strong smell both unlit and lit. 

While our candles are not overpowering in their scent, when you light them, you know you're going to get a fragrance that brings your home alive. 

Take our Pride candle, for example. The peach scent is so mouthwatering it's like being in the heat of summer. 

They don't last long

Everyone likes a long laster, and most store bought candles won't last long enough. If they're tunnelling, they'll burn through the centre, leaving so much wax on the side. 

You'll be left with a candle that's done, but has so much more to give, but no ways of giving it to you. 

A great shame. 

Our candles here last up to 25-30 hours, if not a little bit more! 

The solution?

We're not saying stop buying store bought candles. There are a lot of good ones out there. 

But we want you to get the best out of your candle. 

Our candles last long, burn well, and have rich scents. 

There are also small factors you need to take in, too. 

Make sure your first burn of your candle is at least 4 hours. This allows for the candle to have a full melt pool along the surface, meaning you should get an even burn throughout. 

Always keep your candle away from drafts when lit. Not only is this for safety, but it also stops the flame billowing, which causes uneven burn times, shorter burn times, and also makes the melt pool uneven. 

Your candle experience should be relaxing, and here at Son of Saturn, your well being is our mission. 

With a Son of Saturn candle, you'll always have candles that transport you to happy times, keep you relaxed, and truly give you that sensational feeling. 

Want to try it for yourself? 

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