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Sex and Relationships Tarot Reading

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Want to find out how to fix problems in your sex life? Maybe you’re just curious as to how you could approach sex? Or maybe you’re looking to find out what sex will be like with your partner. Either way, these tarot readings look at what you should be focusing on when in the bedroom!

Sex is a natural part of life. There is no judgement here. This tarot reading will aim to look at your compatibility when it comes to sex, your feelings around sex, and offer guidance on how to enjoy sex. These are useful readings if you want to gain confidence in sex, or simply want to know how to can change it up every now and then.

Our readings also talk about sexual energies, and the attractions that may come from that.

Please tell me the question you are wanting answered, if there is one. Please also tell me your sun sign, your gender, and the sun sign and gender of the person you are asking about. This is so the reading can be more specific. Please also tell me if you are with this person romantically, or if you’re hoping to be with them.

All of our readings are conducted with consent, so by booking this reading, please type that you consent to sex readings. When the reading takes place, there is nothing sleazy or dangerous. It’s just a regular, fully clothed tarot reading where we talk about what is natural to humanity.


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Son of Saturn

Our tarot readings are offered online via zoom, or you can have the option of a pre-recorded video. Jack is a tarot reader from the UK, now living in Vancouver, BC. He has been reading and learning about tarot since he was a teenager, and has been reading professionally since 2020.